Payday loan with instant promise: Credit comparison for cheap credit

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An payday loan is a loan with a particularly fast turnaround time. In practice, “immediate” usually means providing the loan amount within a few days, often even within hours. Basically, an payday loan differs little from the classic installment loan, but can shine with some benefits for the consumer. Although the credit rating is thoroughly checked thoroughly, this happens semi-automatically and thus much faster.

Urgent purchases often require you to get a loan as soon as possible, as they simply can not wait. In most cases, an payday loan loan (often synonymously called “instant pay loan”) is applied for online. This is due to the relatively long processing times of conventional banks, which are often dropped on the Internet.

An payday loan is often used by private individuals for smaller sums of money, but today equally large amounts are available immediately. We show on our website how to get a cheap credit and what you have to pay attention to!

Cheap credit immediately: all information!

Cheap credit immediately: all information!

All the important facts on one page – our users asked the following about the loan with instant confirmation:

What do I need for a cheap loan with instant confirmation?

First and foremost, you have to choose the most suitable offer for a cheap online loan. We recommend the comparison on our website, as these providers are all considered serious. Otherwise, the following securities or documents are required:

  • Proof of identity (nationality, full name etc.)
  • Age of majority (under 18 years there is no loan with immediate approval)
  • Permanent employment and sufficient income (also mandatory for an payday loan)
  • Proof of creditworthiness and assets as collateral
  • Impeccable score at the Credit bureau (for the special case “payday loan without Credit bureau with instant confirmation” we come later)
  • further documents such as land register excerpt and insurance contracts. However, these are not required by all institutes.

Basically, the most important thing is that you are of legal age, have a permanent residence in Germany and have a fixed income in sufficient amount and credit rating. Then you definitely have a good chance of getting an payday loan.

Credit immediately: In what amount is an payday loan possible?

Credit immediately: In what amount is an instant loan possible?

Online credit today offers a truly wide range of offers. The loan is quite flexible, this also applies to the loan amounts that are possible.

Some providers of this form of loan limit the sum to about 10,000 euros, if you want cash immediately. However, if you are looking for higher amounts, some lenders will certainly allow for amounts of around € 50,000 and even more.

As already mentioned, loans in a rather small amount are more commonly used for instant-loan loans. In particular, in the so-called micro – credit (an online loan with immediate payment in very small amounts) have established some special providers. Here are sums from a few 100 to a few 1,000 euros common; Often, these providers limit the loan amount to only 600 euros, but everything is extremely unbureaucratic and the providers can also report on a high repayment rate, which certainly speaks for such a concept.

Credit with immediate payment: the main advantages

Credit with immediate payment: the main advantages

On the other hand, there are of course some less reputable providers on the market who make false promises and thus are critical to see. An online loan without Credit bureau with immediate approval, for example, makes sense only in exceptional cases and often nothing more than a marketing gag. As a disadvantage for older persons applies: The detailed advice in the bank branch is largely eliminated. If this is very important to you, think again about whether it really needs to be an instant instant online loan.

In some cases, the providers save the cost of a thorough credit check by extremely high interest rates, which one must call almost usury. We have made it our goal to compare on this site only reputable and recommended providers for the payday loan.

Conclusion: Credit with instant confirmation

Conclusion: Credit with instant confirmation

In summary, an immediate payment loan is the fastest way to get cash. With sufficient creditworthiness and corresponding collateral, your chances are good to get one. Be sure to adhere to our tips above when making the application and compare the offers on the market thoroughly!

An payday loan online loan is basically nothing more than a classic installment loan. However, the processing time is much faster than at the house bank. Who accepts slightly higher interest rates and wants to do without the (in any case, rarely constructive) consultation in the bank, who can almost immediately have the money on their own account.